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George is driving from Farnham to Horley.

27th May, 2017
27th May, 2017
  • 4 spare seats!
  • £65 one way / £130 round trip contribution
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Based near Guildford, this is half conceive service and half car sharing! I love my car and I love driving occasionally, so this is just something I do to relax and enjoy my car when I'm not busy with my own business. The car is a luxurious new BMW 5 Series Touring M Sport with plenty of space, charging points for laptops, USB for phones, concert quality sound system with digital radio or your own music via bluetooth or cable, cup holders, little tables for eating or devices, seat warmers, individual lamps for passengers, individually controlled passenger heating and cooling front and back, and the boot can store six large bags. If carrying one passenger, I can carry around 10 or more large bags. I have had special security and safety devices installed in the car, including collision cameras, emergency services alerts (when they are close by) and emergency calling button, which operates and sends the location of the car to the right service required if a malfunction or serious problem occurs. There is also a system installed which ensures that I am aware of any speed cameras, fixed or otherwise, and another system to help me and remind me of the speed limits of the road, and live traffic congestion feeds and tips for routes. Also included is the BMW concierge service, which is essentially like having a personal assistant on the phone helping you as best they can. There is a signal booster in the car so you should usually get excellent receiption. I have installed 4g unlimited broadband wifi in the car, so you can keep all your messages and calls up to date. In the boot is a small fridge with a variety of complementary drinks, snacks and treats - just ask me what you want, or what you'd like before the journey, and I'll see what I can do :) Just in case, I also carry wet-wipes, spare bags, a change of clothes, a show polish kit, first aid kit, spare buttons for shirts, anything which my passengers may need. If there is anything you need, please ask! I am most happy to help disabled or elderly passengers make their journey as easy as possible. Myself, my car and my passengers are automatically insured by AXA Insurance. I keep my car immaculate inside and out, and it is serviced by BMW whenever it needs anything doing (March every year usually). SO yes, this is an expensive car, and I'd love to be able to help pay for the car and it's running costs by getting some money back for helping nice people get from A to B :). I am a chatty person but if you would prefer a quiet trip, I'll take the hint ;). Call me whenever you want to share a ride and let's see where we might go!