Heading to Acoustic Festival of Britain ?

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What is it?

You guessed it! An acoustic musical festival with friendly, intimate atmosphere.


Where is it? 

Uttoxeter Racecourse, Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8BD, UK


When is it?

June 3-5, 2016



You can camp for £15 if you are a weekend ticket holder.

Also you can camp by your car.

If you want to camp on thursday as well you need to buy a Thursday camping pass.



For directions click here.




How long it should take to drive there:

London: 2 hour 50 mins (144 miles)

Manchester: 1 hour 44 mins (72.3 miles)

Cardiff: 2 hours 48 mins (140 miles)

Glasgow: 4 hours 17 mins (267 miles)

Birmingham: 1 hour (42.3 miles)


Rough cost for fuel:

London: £23.50

Manchester: £10.50

Cardiff: £23

Glasgow: £44

Birmingham: £6.50


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