Heading to No Mans Land Festival ?

'No Man's Land' is a friendly live music, arts and crafts festival. A collaboration of UK promoters, artists, producers and audio visual technicians each adding their own unique skills and imagination to bring you a real British festival experience!

As this festival runs into it's 4th year the venue is relocating to a stunning new home in the depths of a magnificent forest in Somerset and will be held over 3 days, featuring 5 main music arenas, chill out areas, food stalls, festival shops, random zones, theatrical performers, tricksters, street art and so much more.

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GoCarShare Booking System

We’ve introduced a new booking system:

Passengers ‘book’ the journey. Once the driver has accepted, the passenger will be asked to prepay via PayPal.

A week after the journey has been completed we will transfer the money to the driver, minus our fee of 15%, which usually works out as just a couple of pounds. Drivers are welcome to factor this cost into the price they quote to take a passenger.

We don’t enforce the booking system, but it is important to use because:

1.     It prevents people dropping out at the last minute so offers the drivers security.

2.     It helps ensures the safety of the platform; everyone is trackable.

3.     This is our way of funding the development of GoCarShare and ensuring that we are here next year too.

 We hope you value GoCarShare and support us in using the booking system. Please shoot through any questions at hello@gocarshare.com