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The GoCarShare Booking System

We’ve introduced a booking system: passengers ‘book’ the journey. Once the driver has accepted the passenger, they’ll be asked to prepay via PayPal. 

A week after the journey has been completed we transfer the money to the driver, minus our fee of 15% which usually works out a few pounds. We don’t enforce the booking system, but it is important to use: 

  1. It prevents people dropping out at the last minute.

  2. It helps ensures the safety of the platform, everyone is trackable.

  3. This is our way of funding the development of GoCarShare and ensuring that we are here next year too. 

We hope you value GoCarShare and support us in using the booking system. Please shoot through any questions at hello@gocarshare.com.


Become a Shambala Legend & win a luxury Shambala package!

Kermit the Frog once sang, ‘It’s not that easy, being green’. Sorry Kermit, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one. We are committed to being the most responsible festival on the planet – something that isn’t possible without the support of our beloved Shambalans. You lot are are the beating heart of everything we do, and our Adventures in Utopia could never exist without your loyalty, passion and sense of mischief. Which is why we have created the Shambala Legend package, a way to say thank you and celebrate your shining brilliance.

The Shambala Legend package is comprised of:

  • A complimentary Shambala Springs hot tub experience for two
  • Free food for two, from any stall, for the entirety of the festival
  • A free massage for two
  • A pass for the fairground rides for two

There are THREE of these amazing prizes up for grabs – so, how do you win? Over 90% of Shambala’s environmental impacts are due to travel. In the spirit of reducing this, there are three ways to enter the prize draw:

1. Book a coach package/ticket
2. Account for your travel carbon through Energy Revolution
3. Driving? Register your car for car sharing through the Go Car Share site

By doing any of these things, you will be automatically entered in a raffle before the festival. Already done it? You’ve already entered – easy, right?

Winners will be announced, made a ginormous fuss of, and celebrated before the festival.

Love, the Shambala team x



"Working with GoCarShare to explore ways to increase car sharing has been a pleasure, and has helped raise the profile of car sharing. Our audience feedback is that its a great service to use."

Chris Johnson, Festival Director Shambala (2014)


“Shambala was fab and the car share a godsend. It's such a good idea.   Will use again and recommend - thanks for providing such a great service.”

- Candice Clark GoCarShared to Shambala 2016



Known For:

Being a fantastic family friendly festival with a variety of music, having a fresh organic market, winning awards for its environmental policies.


Location of Car Park

The location of Shambala is kept secret until you've bought your tickets, so you'll have to find it yourselves...


Nearest Supermarkets

As Above...


Travel Information

Car parking is £25 per car


Estimated Journey Time (Approx):

Please be aware that these journey times do not include the expected traffic as you approach Shambala. Also, since Shambala do not release their location until you buy a ticket, these times are to their nearest train station (Market Harborough). So leave yourselves plenty of time to get there.

London: 1 hr 4 mins (85 miles)

Manchester: 2 hrs 17 mins (134 miles)

Cardiff: 2 hrs 38 mins (163 miles)

Glasgow: 5 hrs 11 mins (337 miles)

Birmingham: 55 mins (51 miles)


Estimated Fuel Cost (Approx):

London: £13

Manchester: £20

Cardiff: £24

Glasgow: £51

Birmingham: £8


Price Comparison (Approx)

Train London St Pancreas to Market Harborough, £43 return (+£6 return shuttle bus). Expect queues and delays.

Coach £22 return from London. Departs 25th, returns 29th.

Car Share £16 return from London


Travel Hearsay

Tune the radio into some reggae and maybe a sit of swing. You can try and decide which of the many arts and crafts you'll want to try, and plan a meet-up with your car share buddies for some festival fun. 


Carbon Savings

For every medium sized car taken off the road, a journey from London to Shambala will save 26kg in CO2 emissions



Lots of arts and crafts, fantastic green credentials. A family-safe festival that has no need for alcohol limits. Shambala is attended by people looking for an interesting festival which has zero impact on the environment.