Heading to Amma Tour?

Each year Amma visits the UK to promote her message of peace, love and compassion by embracing all who come to see her. Why not share a ride to the event, save some money and help Amma's InDeed environmental campaign. 

Mata Amritanandamyi, otherwise simply known as 'Amma' is recognised as one of the foremost humanitarian and spiritual leaders of our time, for which she has received numerous international awards. Amma has travelled the world for the past 27 years, bringing love, hope, and peace through her talks, and her signature embrace - darshan - a personal hug which touches so many hearts. She has hugged an estimated 36 million people worldwide, and inspired a global volunteer-based humanitarian movement, Embracing the World, to help alleviate the burden of the world's poor by meeting their basic need - food, shelter, education, healthcare, and livlihood. www.amma.org.uk


DATES:                     11th to 12th October 2016

LOCATION:                Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY, UK


Image credited to "John Bointon, Wikimedia Commons”.

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