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Paul is driving from Swansea to Glastonbury 2013.

Mon, Fri
  • £10 one way / £20 round trip contribution
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See my FB! Just did a hip cool pirate message and it's late so in summary: Cool as fuck, car= Citroen pluriel 2003 conv. Insane but short hair cut, oh plus a cheeky smile ;) 24, Need landline no. Be nice and play fair, I need a radio transmitter so at least the weekend starts with a touch o control. Think their 12 quid but they r handy especially if you don't have a car.. Plus 1 or all stump 25 for car parking- I'm sneaking in, we'll make it fair DO NOT STRESs please. I'm slicking a hook o'er the old barricåde.. Cya