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Willow is driving from Weston-super-Mare to Exeter.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
  • £5 one way / £10 round trip contribution
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Hello, I live in Weston-Super-Mare and I work at Wonford hospital, I end up at the Digby & Souton Park N Ride, I tend to get there around 7:30AM and three days a week I do a slightly later shift where I get there around 10AM. I leave at 6:30PM 3 days a week and at around 8:30PM when I do a later shift, I do overtime as-well so I can do one or more Saturdays a month. I get my rotors at least 2 weeks in advanced so soul have plenty of notice! Basically just give me a call / text and I'm sure something can be sorted :) 07446000094 Will