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Kay is driving from Manchester to Bestival.

7th September, 2017
11th September, 2017
  • 4 spare seats!
  • £30 one way / £60 round trip contribution
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Hey! Offering a return journey to Bestival. I've checked out Train tickets which are around £200 + return already and the coach option for Bestival is also £100 return. So rather than pay silly prices it would make more sense for me to drive down. I have decided to charge £30 each way - much cheaper than the train and the Bestival coach! Also means I get to spend a bit more money on alcohol while I'm there! Woo hoo! If you think this is pricey - just imagine my drive back home on the Monday :((( I have 4 seats available and will be starting the journey from Manchester at around 5am to get there for 10am. I am open to time suggestions and am willing to pick you up (if its not too far out of course) Thanks! Kay