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Edward is driving from Loughborough to Kendal Calling.

Thu, Sun
  • £10 one way / £20 round trip contribution
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Hi folks. We're travelling down to Kendal Calling from Loughborough area. Happy to pick up you up from within 20 miles of Loughborough if you are looking for a lift. We're three friendly guys, and there's one extra space. There's a fifth space in the back but my car's a Mini Cooper so we'd rather not use it as it'd be quite cramped! Drive will be around 2.5hrs and we will leave the festival on Sunday afternoon. Small print: you can't bring lots and lots of stuff as it's a smallish car! But we can use the middle seat and footwells etc. if space is a problem. We'll go to the supermarket on the way as we want to pick up food and alcohol.