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Mark is driving from Edinburgh to Glastonbury Festival.

25th June, 2019
1st July, 2019
  • 2 spare seats!
  • £25 one way / £50 round trip contribution
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We may be in Scotland but I'm not gonna walk the 500 miles to Glastonbury, so we're aiming to offset the fuel and environmental costs of the journey. Couple in our early 30s, driving down some time on the Tuesday with the aim to take a few breaks along the way (likely passing Blackpool, Manchester, Birmingham), and eventually arrive close to sunrise on the Wednesday. Not really planned much more than that yet but i'll be happy to help make sure you get the most out of going by car. Open to going down a bit earlier and stopping somewhere nearby to rest, if that's preferable to everyone. Flexible on the return time but probably want to leave before midday to avoid getting back to Edinburgh really late. Can potentially pick up at a location outside of Edinburgh if required.