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Carla is driving from Bexleyheath to Reading Festival .

26th August, 2021
29th August, 2021
  • 1 spare seat!
  • £20 one way / £40 round trip contribution
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Hello guyssss, Me and my friend Daisy are going to Reading (whoop whoop????) and we have space for 2 people in the back of my little car but I do have a small boot so it would be ideal if you was okay with having some of your stuff maybe on your laps!! That would be fabulous ?? We are looking for some friendly (but fun pls) people to car share with and hopefully make friends with and we can rave together and be besties ???? also here’s my insta if you don’t feel comfortable not knowing what I look like x - ‘carlabaileyy’ Here’s to summer 2021 baby!!! ????