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Caz needs to travel from Ashburton to South Derbyshire District and is looking for a lift.

27th July, 2017
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Hey there possible future travel buddy, I'll be working on welfare at the YNOT Festival and so I really need to be there sometime on the Thursday please...I don't drive sadly, but can help with fuel, food and drinks along the way and keep you entertained with random anecdotes. I've recently been made redundant so am afraid I can't really go much higher than whats been suggested, but am open to negotiation as it really does depend on the closest pick up point offered. If you're going that way or better yet, working at the festival yourself, I'd be happy to travel a little closer to a bigger city like Exeter/ Plymouth/ Bristol or similar if you're not from my neck of the woods. I'll only have my rugsack, a tent and my foodbag...I'm not very tall at all so can squeeze into smaller spaces if need be. Please drop me a line on or viat text on 07970 100 542 Many many thanks in advance... Happy travels and stay safe Caz xx