Heading to Body & Soul ?

Body&Soul is a festival full of surprises that takes place over the Summer Solstice weekend, 22 – 24 June 2018. When you enter the beautiful grounds of Ballinlough Castle you are encouraged to shed your weekday skin and enter an otherworldly realm, where new ideas, experiences and performances lie around every corner. Body&Soul uses art, music, discussions, nature and food to create a place like no other in the wild Irish countryside.

During your time at Ballinlough we encourage you to tap into the side of yourself that might stay hidden year round whilst exploring our vast array of music stages, art installations, hidden forest dens and al fresco spas. Body&Soul was created by a group of like-minded creative people who wanted to celebrate life in all shapes, colours and persuasions and the Summer Solstice weekend – a time when the boundaries between our worlds mingle and meld – seemed like the perfect occasion.

We are committed to sustainability, operating green campsites, constructing sustainable stages, recycling, and incentivising greener travel. By signing up to a GoCarShare carpool you are reducing your environmental impact while attending the festival and helping us in our goals to become as environmentally friendly as possible.  Thank you! 

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GoCarShare Booking System

Passengers ‘book’ the journey. Once the driver has accepted, the passenger will be asked to prepay via PayPal.

A week after the journey has been completed we will transfer the money to the driver, minus our fee of 15%, which usually works out as just a couple of pounds. Drivers are welcome to factor this cost into the price they quote to take a passenger.

We don’t enforce the booking system, but it is important to use because:

  1. It prevents people dropping out at the last minute so offers the drivers security.
  2. It helps ensures the safety of the platform; everyone is trackable.
  3. This is our way of funding the development of GoCarShare and ensuring that we are here next year too.

 We hope you value GoCarShare and support us in using the booking system. Please shoot through any questions at hello@gocarshare.com