Heading to Glastonbury Greenpeace Crew?

Welcome to the Greenpeace Glastonbury Car Share page. 

Greenpeace is an environmental organisation and advocates lift sharing amongst our Glastonbury team. Lift sharing is a great way to connect before the festival, save money and reduce emissions!

Please set up an account with GoCarShare using the ‘Join Us’ link on the homepage, you can register with a facebook or email account. If this proves problematic, please email jo@gocarshare.com who can set up your account for you.

If you have received one of our precious lift passes, and have space in your vehicle, we do expect you to use this page to advertise your journey. When you add a journey there is the option to ask for a contribution from the passengers. Please enter the code NOPAYPAL if you would rather passengers pay their contribution in cash on the day.

Happy lift sharing.

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