Heading to Isle of Wight ?

The Isle of Wight Festival is going to be massive this year. You can even save money on your journey by car sharing. Passengers can save money; drivers can make money back. Here you can offer or book a journey to Isle of Wight to start saving money and the environment. Make sure you read our festival guide below, where you’ll find all our best tips for car sharing to festivals, the best local secrets, and everything you need to know about The Isle of Wight Festival.

The Isle of Wight Festival – History

The first three festivals on the Isle of Wight took place from 1968-1970. They were a tremendous success, and the attendance grew from 15,000 – 600,000 in only three years. The 1970 festival included legendary performances by bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and The Who, and inspired many other festivals including Glastonbury. The 1970 event was so large that an Act of Parliament was passed to stop further festivals. After 32 years it restarted in 2002.

The Isle of Wight Festival takes place on the Isle of Wight every year in June. With three stages there is a great mix of artistic talent available to see. Despite only restarting in 2002, the Isle of Wight has a sense of nostalgia and heritage from the original 1960s events. It is still able to pull in massive acts, from Jay-Z to The Police. The journey to the Isle of Wight requires a ferry whichever way you travel, but drivers should be sure to book their journey with Wightlink or Red Funnel in advance.

Travelling to The Isle of Wight Festival

Car sharing is a fantastic way to get to festivals. Find people who are passionate about music and the arts, and start your festival adventure with them. You don’t have to spend the whole week with them, but along the journey you might just find you want to. 

The idea of car sharing to a festival is simple: people who live nearby share their journey and save some money. Drivers or passengers can post their journey on this page, and if a fellow festival goer lives nearby and needs a cheap way of travelling there, they can either book your seat or offer you a ride. We have a suggested seat price which we think you’ll find is fair, so the passenger can get there cheaply, while the driver can make back some petrol money from the drive. Hopefully during the trip you’ll make a new friend or two.

Top tips for car sharing

Passengers: Remember it’s not your car and treat it with respect.

Drivers: Be open to pit stops at service stations, and drive carefully and safely.

Play Games: Car bingo, I Spy

Tell stories: There’s nothing like sharing your most embarrassing moments to break the ice

Plan what you’ll do when you get there: If you get along, make sure you plan to meet up during the festival. Since you have use of a car, plan a vital supermarket stop: Passengers enjoy the access to a car, drivers enjoy the use of someone else’s arms to carry your shopping to your tent.


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We don’t enforce the booking system, but it is important to use because:

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