Heading to Shambala ?

"A truly individual festival in a sea of mediocrity. Long may it reign." - The Independent, 2017.

An all singing, all dancing adventure into utopia. Back for it's 17th year, Shambala is a 100% independent and anti-corporate explosion of colour, nonsense and communal giddiness. This is a place where you play, revitalise, make lots of new friends and return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. This year, Shambala sold out before announcing a single act!

The variety of entertainment on offer is staggering for a festival of its size and participation is the name of the game. This isn’t a festival where you park your bum in front of the main stage all day – it’s a place to get your hands dirty, whether that means building your own adventure playground or honing your fine art skills in a c*ck drawing class. Over 200 diverse musical acts will provide the sound track for this year’s adventures – no identikit festival line up here, but show-stopping musical gems and discoveries from all corners of the globe.  

Shambala is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible and is considered truly pioneering. In the past five years, the onsite carbon footprint of the festival has been reduced by 81%, the festival is 100% renewably powered and single use plastics have been banned on site since 2013. Shambala has also been a veggie paradise, since 2016, when it went meat and fish free in response to the catastrophic impacts that intensive mass farming has on our planet.

This year, the dress up theme for Shambala’s legendary carnival is Avant Garden; “An experimental, radical garden of artistic wonders. A green-haus fashion show where giant triffids strut their stuff alongside regal, ivy-covered statues. Think human venus fly traps, troops of iridescent disco dancing beetles and a ballet of nectar-drunk, neon hummingbirds. Succulent crowns atop palm frond gowns. Jewel-bright orchid queens and prize-winning marrow kings, waltzing under a ripe, watermelon moon.”

Better start planning those outfits then!"

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"Working with GoCarShare to explore ways to increase car sharing has been a pleasure, and has helped raise the profile of car sharing. Our audience feedback is that its a great service to use."

Chris Johnson, Festival Director Shambala (2014)


“Shambala was fab and the car share a godsend. It's such a good idea.   Will use again and recommend - thanks for providing such a great service.”

- Candice Clark GoCarShared to Shambala (2016)