Heading to WOMAD ?

Known for:

Bringing the best never previously heard music from around the world. From South African township-tech to Tunisian Liberation songs and across to Brazil for those reggae samba beats. Electic doesn't quite describe WOMAD has in store for you!

Location of Car Park:

Turn onto the B4040 from the A429 and follow signs into the car parks.

Nearest Supermarkets:

Co-Operative Food - Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, SN16 9JS (1.5 miles away)

Price comparison (approx):

TRAIN: London to Chippenham, £50-156 return ticket plus £5 shuttle bus.

CAR SHARE: From London, £18 return.

Carbon savings:

For every medium sized car taken off the road, a journey from:

London: saves 28.7kg in CO2 emissions.
Manchester: saves 43.8kg in CO2 emissions.
Cardif: saves 17.5kg in CO2 emissions.
Glasgow: saves 98.1kg in CO2 emissions.
Birmingham: saves 22.4kg in CO2 emissions.

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 “Last year I went to WOMAD festival for the first time and thought it might be interesting and fun to meet some new people and save some money using GoCarShare.  I offered lifts to and from London on the GoCarShare website and fairly quickly had a car full of new people to meet (all of whom paid for a lift in advance).  They were really nice interesting people and we had plenty of good conversation to make the journey fly by.  I even stayed in touch with some of them on Facebook and hope to meet up with them again at this year’s WOMAD.

The GoCarShare website was easy to use and I was even able to find an extra passenger for the journey home on the last day of the festival.  So in short, it was easy, I saved money, we reduced our carbon footprint and I had a great time!  What’s not to like?  I would highly recommend Gocarshare.  It added a lovely dimension to the beginning and end of the festival.”

- Paul Hoad GoCarShared to WOMAD 2015 

 "This was my first time car sharing, I was new to the area and found it easy to join GoCarShare and was delighted to be able to give a student a lift from my town both to and from WOMAD. I enjoy meeting new people and trying to reduce my carbon footprint so was very happy to take part in this scheme. I'll be doing it again in the future."

- Laura Shepherd GoCarShared to WOMAD 2014

 "I shared a lift to WOMAD and it was a lot more convenient and cheaper than using public transport, and also better for the environment. Plus we all had a great conversation during the journey and played some great tunes in the car, and also shared some festival tips- what else could I have asked for?"

Paula Oses GoCarShared to WOMAD 2013

 "This was my first ever car share and I will without doubt do it again. The couple that drove me were lovely (they didn't even ask for money for petrol, they only asked that I make a car CD!). The whole experience was so efficient and easy, I would recommend it to anyone. I will definitely message the couple that took me in the near future to see how they're doing."

Hannah Croft GoCarShared to WOMAD 2013

 "GoCarShare is a great way to find your car sharing match made in heaven, whether you are the potential passenger or the prospective driver. They are dedicated to encouraging drivers to fill up their cars with festival goers to help make WOMAD a greener festival."

Becky Jones, WOMAD Marketing, 2013


GoCarShare Booking System

Passengers ‘book’ the journey. Once the driver has accepted, the passenger will be asked to prepay via PayPal.

A week after the journey has been completed we will transfer the money to the driver, minus our fee of 15%, which usually works out as just a couple of pounds. Drivers are welcome to factor this cost into the price they quote to take a passenger.

We don’t enforce the booking system, but it is important to use because:

  1. It prevents people dropping out at the last minute so offers the drivers security.
  2. It helps ensures the safety of the platform; everyone is trackable.
  3. This is our way of funding the development of GoCarShare and ensuring that we are here next year too.

 We hope you value GoCarShare and support us in using the booking system. Please shoot through any questions at hello@gocarshare.com