Going Green

It might mean a lot to you, it might not, but goCarSharing is a green movement that has very clear benefits to the environment. As a driver of an average car, you will be saving 20 kilos of carbon if you choose to car share for a 100 mile trip.

Doing our bit is important to us too:

It is not often that we have to use the printer at goHQ but when we do, we make sure we use 100% recycled paper.

Oh, and our bright and funky T-shirts that you’ll see us wearing, they’re climate neutral and organic. The lanyards that we’ll be giving a way to a few lucky people, they are made of … bamboo.

At GoCarShare we are aiming to be carbon negative and we would like to help you be the same if its important to you.

With the average person being responsible for 7 tonnes of CO2 each year, that’s going to be quite a challenge. Here are a few other ideas to help you ‘go green’:

  • Plant a tree, an average tree will offset a tonne of carbon over its lifetime: www.carbonfootprint.com/uktrees.aspx.
  • Use websites such as www.uk.freecycle.org to get free second hand gear for your house.
  • Check your car tyres every fortnight week to ensure you will be driving in the most efficient manner possible.

We’d love to help you if you would like some more green tips, just drop us an email at ilovetrees@gocarshare.com.

Anyway, that’s quite enough from us, we just wanted to say that we are trying to do our bit. We are not perfect but we are definitely trying.

The GoCarShare Team,